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Combo Nano Brows

Combo Nano Brows are a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure for the brows. It is a form of tattooing , very similar to Ombré Powder Brows, and heals very soft and powdery. The end of the brows are saturated and gradually fades at the front of the brows. Nano hair strokes are added to the front, allowing it to look more natural. Pigment is inserted into the skin using an electric pen/tattoo machine. It is a great cover up for old, faded, tattoo and microbladed brows. If you have oily skin, this is also a better option for you than traditional microblading. The entire brow, including the hair strokes, are done using the tattoo machine. Because it is all machine work, there is very minimal to no bleeding, no cuts, no scarring, and very minimal to no pain. It is great for all skin types.


Brows will look dark and intense right after the procedure. They will fade about 30-50% once healed. Results will vary based on skin type and lifestyle, however, the end result will last up to 2-3 years. A touch up is required after 5 weeks of the initial procedure, and recommended once every year to maintain the shape and color.  


Combo Nano Brows are sweat proof, smudge proof, and waterproof. Wake up with beautiful brows and save 20-30 minutes of your makeup routine. DM or call/text 715-254-8989 for a consultation and to book today!

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